Monday, August 22, 2016

Love for the Elderly

SO EXCITED to unveil our newest See Beautiful Giving Initiative to support Love For The Elderly

This amazing organization was started by SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD, Jacob Cramer, and the love he's bringing to Seniors is just beautiful! How could we not partner with them?! So many elders in our nation are neglected, isolated, and forgotten. Love for the Elderly is working to change this. Love for the Elderly is dedicated to enriching the lives of seniors in their final and most precious stage of life with loads of happiness! 

The core philosophy at Love for the Elderly is to make the world more beautiful by spreading kindness every day whenever possible! With your help, we'll be able to donate portions of every sale toward bringing love to seniors in nursing homes through inspiring "sunshine boxes!" Each SunshineBox costs somewhere close to $5, so for every sale, they'll be able to brighten one Senior's day with happiness by gifting them a box of sunshine (Goal: $1500)!
How your purchase helps: Your purchase will provide one "Sunshine Box" full of inspiring and uplifting items for a Senior in care. Or, you can donate directly to Love for the Elderly here.  Follow their story and become part of there community on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube.
You can get to shopping and helping them meet their goal here:

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bringing the Silenced A Voice

Are you?" ~ Nathan Johnson, Mavuno

See Beautiful is listening. We stand with our friends at Mavuno as we mourn the loss of innocent lives in Beni, DRC. These are people who are so important to See Beautiful. Human rights are for everyone. Every. Single. Person. Everyone has great worth. Let's show that with love.
If you haven't heard about Beni and the repeated tragic loss of life you're not alone. In fact, if you google "Beni" the majority of hits on the first page are about a town in Bolivia, a Japanese cuisine, or a church in California. The fact that you can't read about a terrorist attack claiming the lives of at least 64 (and the number is still rising) with the use of a machete is evidence of the blanket the media has placed on the Eastern Congo. We must start talking. We must be a voice for those who are silenced - for those who devastatingly lost their lives. We must act from a place of love and we must honor the fact that every person has great worth. 
This article, The Difference between Beni and Brussels, written by Nathan Johnson, Mavuno's VP of Communications, does an excellent job providing historical and current insight into the injustice suffered by thousands. Please read it. Please share it. Please talk about it. Please keep googling. Please pray, love, and hope. Please don't feel helpless. We can all do something - and billions of little somethings aren't insignificant. They can bring about change. And change is necessary. 
Thank you, Mavuno, for leading with love.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Most Important Thing

Love; it's the most important thing. 

When we keep it the most important thing life gets really beautiful...and inspiring...and full of so much awesome.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dare to See People

"Let's be people who dare to see people. We have the power to create more beautiful in the world by being ourselves and continually choosing to love." ~ Kim Biddle, Saving Innocence

What if we all chose love? All the time?

Plywood People, thank you for Plywood Presents. Thank you for Plywood Retreat. Thank you for your sound advice & mission to support organizations doing good. This Plywood Presents Conference did not disappoint, and it makes me think back to my first interaction with Plywood People. That meeting brought so many incredible Giving Initiatives to See Beautiful. That retreat opened the door to so many amazing friends who continue to inspire the See Beautiful Community, & myself, to grow stronger. How grateful I am to have connected with the most amazing people leading Kula ProjectForever We, Inc.Refuge Coffee Co., Glorious Orphanage, & Rachel Moye Iliadis Photography. Plywood People, thanks for choosing love - because you did, I got to love the amazing farmers & kids of Kula Project. A gift I'm forever grateful for.
Photo by Bobby Neptune.

Monday, August 1, 2016

"...But Most of All, I See Beautiful"

We have new soft-as-bunnies tees in our See Beautiful store, but that's not the big news. The big news, the beautiful news, is a story of beauty and vulnerability and strength by Sarah Naomi who's modeling this shirt. Sarah is a teacher (as are all our models). Sarah is full of grace and bravery and a love of lifting others up. It's fun to unveil new products for See Beautiful, but it's infinitely more beautiful to see how Sarah has seen beautiful:
"Like many young girls, I struggled with self esteem, self worth and self love throughout my adolescence. I've looked back at old journals from high school and see pages upon pages filled with things I hated about myself.
...A few weeks ago I was invited to model new merchandise for See Beautiful. I nervously joined, put on a brave face and tried my best. Tonight she sent me the photos and I don't see the little girl who hates everything about herself. Instead I see happiness. I see joy. But most of all, I‪ #‎SeeBeautiful‬."
~ Sarah
You can get your shirt here, but you can leave your love and join Sarah in this See Beautiful Community when you follow in her footsteps. That's way more important than the tshirt.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Breathe it all in. Love it all out.

Breathe it all in. Love it all out.
Together we give when you receive. That's what love is all about. Choose the Humanitarian See Beautiful Giving Initiative of your choice and help create more beautiful in the world. Live to Give.
You can feel the love here:

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Hope is Beautiful

A piece of my heart and soul will always be in Congo. Sometimes that's the greatest gift. Sometimes it's heartbreaking. On July 1st, the DRC celebrated their Independence, just as we did in the United States on the 4th. Their Independence shows a resiliency and beauty of the people of Congo who work tirelessly for their families. Ranked the second poorest country in the world, they rank at the top in terms of hope and love and giving. The children make rankings look silly when you look into their eyes. They're far from poor. They give with their smiles and their joy and their hope for more freedom to be creative and dream and see their dreams come true. Going into this holiday weekend, one where many in this community will give thanks for our freedom in the United States, I hope this sweet face is a reminder of your freedom to live to give, and love without judgement. This sweet face is also one of 55 precious children who receive an education for another month thanks to this precious community. It's all new hope and it's beautiful.
Photo by Bobby Neptune